Caste Certificate

Caste Certificate

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A Caste Certificate is the proof of one's belonging to a particular caste as specified in the Indian Constitution. The Government felt that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes need special encouragement and opportunities to progress at the same pace as the rest of the citizenry. As a result, as part of the Indian system of Protective Discrimination, there exist certain special privileges granted to this category of citizens, such as reservation of seats in the Legislatures and in the Government Service, waiving off a part or the whole of the fees for admission to schools and colleges, quotas in educational institutions and relaxation of upper age limits for applying to certain jobs. To be able to avail these privileges, a citizen belonging to a Scheduled Caste must be in possession of a valid Caste Certificate.

A Caste Certificate can be cumbersome to get on your own. We’ve figured out all the procedures to ensure your application process is smooth.

There are only three simple steps:

  • We connect you to an experienced lawyer
  • The documents are collected and all the papers are examined
  • The lawyer submits the application and guides you through the process

Documents Required for Caste Certificate:

  • Identity Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Declaration

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